by Joan Gaspar , 2022

The Zenc’s design is inspired by the water tanks on New York rooftops. With this in mind, Gaspar has created a contemporary form reminiscent of industrial aesthetics.

A shade 44 cm in diameter and 28 cm high surrounds the light source. On the outside its texture enriches the volume, and generates surprise… It seems to be made of metal, specifically zinc, a material traditionally linked to storage tanks, and like tanks, even the joints stick out. However, it is produced in rotomoulded bi-layer polyethylene. Its interior is covered in a white layer so that the light bounces, emanates and catches the eye. And that’s where the contrast is created: the outside is available in several colours – blue, grey, off-white, red, pale pink and pale yellow – while the inside is always white.

A simple design reminiscent of a circular house, an archetype of essential shapes that also work in combination with each other, in different heights and colours, to offer multiple lighting possibilities.

Walking around New York means looking up, wanting to discover where the skyscrapers end. On his last trip to this city, Joan Gaspar looked around the rooftops of New York and there, seeing the water tanks, he found the shape for this new design. A unique element that forms part of the city’s skyline. Water tanks have been a sign of New York’s identity since the beginning of the 19th century, and not only are they still there, but, surprisingly enough, they are also still installed, performing the same function.