by Inma Bermúdez , 2014

Few lamps have caused as much buzz as FollowMe. This daring pioneer of portable lighting has become a design icon in just a few short years.

Its simple, airy lines, its tilting shade and its varying light intensity have established it as a beautiful and practical lamp. Now, FollowMe takes a step further by offering an expanded collection with several colours: pink, blue, terracotta and green. The handle is still made of wood, painted in this case.

The FollowMe colors provide multiple possibilities: pink and blue, whose soft colors and gentle light invite serenity, are ideal for children’s rooms or pastel design themes, while the more intense and sophisticated green and terracotta add a spot of bold color to any environment.

A fun and colorful collection of this charismatic lamp, where the hardest thing might be deciding which one you like best.

FollowMe Plus complements its predecessor. While the original is a small-format object, the Plus reproduces its same shape and warmth, but in a larger size. This version stands out for its ability to create entire atmospheres as a table lamp, or even on the floor.

The oak handle beckons you to pick them up. Both have the classic tilting white polycarbonate shade that offers direct light for reading. They have a three-position dimmer to regulate the intensity. Autonomous and cordless, they work with a high-efficiency lithium ion battery that powers them for 5 to 20 hours, and they have a USB-C input to facilitate charging.