Quality and Environment Policy

Marset Illuminación S.A. in response to the market demand in terms of innovation in design, technical reliability and service, as well as compliance with national and international standards, it assumes the following commitments in the QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT POLICY based on the UNE EN ISO 9001 and UNE EN ISO 14001  regulations  in a way that establishes the following guidelines:


  • Promote QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT at all times as a participatory task in all strata of the company and in all its activities.


  • Seek CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of all its operations with a focus totally oriented towards customer satisfaction, as well as contributing to the reduction of the organization’s environmental impact.


  • Minimize waste throughout the VALUE CHAIN, applying both corrective actions and preventive measures to prevent it from happening again.
  • INFORM, PARTICIPATE and MOTIVATE the human team of Marset, as an essential bases of the Company’s quality and environmental policy.


  • Comply with the requirements of current legislation and regulations that apply.


  • Ensure that all STAFF are fully FAMILIAR with the OBJECTIVES and the QUALITY and ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY through preparation and training activities at all levels.


The scope of application of this Comprehensive Management System is to reach all areas of the company and constitute a general reference for all its productive activity, and specifically:




The Management of Marset Iluminación S.A, assumes the commitment to provide the necessary means to successfully achieve the set quality objectives and undertakes to motivate all interested parties involved in its activity through dialogue, taking as a pillar COLLABORATION towards continuous improvement. This commitment includes environmental protection, prevention of polluting agents and the sustainable use of resources.


The Management delegates the operational authority of the Comprehensive Management System to its manager, who will have the necessary support through the allocation of resources, information and representation in a timely manner in order to carry out the adequate implementation, monitoring and comprehensive improvement of the Marset’s operational activities.



General Management


                                               Date 04/07/2023

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