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Hélène Rebelo

Dipping Light

Hélène Rebelo is a Brussels based curator, scenographer, and interior decorator with a particular talent for piece hunting. Having an excellent knowledge of the contemporary design sector, she has been able to translate it into the projects she develops with a fresh look.

In this collaboration, she has shown us a bit of references, her sources of inspiration, and how the Dipping Light entered her world to match her obsession with color.

Hélène, you're a curator, a scenographer, and an interior decorator. How do you get inspired?
HRIn my work, I am inspired by the '70s and '80s, which is undeniable. Space age, Italian design, and decor have profoundly influenced me. But I like to be seduced by entirely different universes; I like to observe everything that is being done and get something that I can adapt to my own vision. I'm looking a bit more at folk art at the moment, for example. I like strong, playful, remarkable, fun, offbeat pieces. That's why the Memphis movement has always been important to me. I never had an education in design, and I think the Memphis movement was a kind of revelation. This quirkiness and madness carried me and let me understand that it's accessible for everyone!
What is your favorite space at your house?
HRMy favourite space is our living room. It's a space where we love to gather for the best moments of our days. It also has a lot of pieces I've hunted down that are close to my heart, but also the first rug I ever designed that was made by the artisans at Stitch Rugs. But, of course, I also love it for its colour. I'm obsessed with colour. and It's a bit like our green bubble, our little indoor garden.
Is there a place that you specially created? Tell us about it.
HRI have left no room to chance; every corner counts for me. I need my eye to appreciate every place it lands. It's an obsession. This flat is the very first one where I could let my desires express themselves. Of course, we are tenants, and it's never easy to make a place that looks like ours, but I think I really enjoyed myself here. I spend most of my time in my dining area, which is also my workspace. I like that we found a big meeting table from the 80s that we repainted in lipstick pink so that I can take up space, especially in the research and drawing phases. It's a big table that splits in two, so I often move part of it to the window to change the view and get more light.
What do you like about the Dipping Light lamp?
HRI had already seen several Marset lamps in various architectural projects in magazines. But I particularly liked the Dipping Light, this colour gradient bulb which, once lit, produces a light that changes the room's atmosphere! I think the videos we have created speak for themselves. I like the mini, portable, and rechargeable lamp version because we can also take it outside on our balcony. It can follow us everywhere. And its orange-brown colour reminds us so well of the 70s. Also, I really like the warm colour its globe produces.
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