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A Marset Takeover with

Pia Riverola

Bicoca Lamp

Photographer Pia Riverola creates captivating images in fashion, still life, landscape, and architecture. We invited her to show us her favorite spaces, people, and objects in this collaboration.

She told us how important the provenance and history of her objects and furniture are to her. That’s why she tries to find unique and meaningful pieces, like the Bicoca lamp, which makes her feel closer to her hometown, Barcelona.

Pia, you're a multidisciplinary photographer. How do you get inspired?
Architecture, heritage, and nature are my greatest sources of inspiration. I get inspired by an empty architecture site, looking at how the light changes throughout hours or minutes. Also, by having a conversation and learning from someone with a completely different perspective and point of view. I get inspired by humility. Human interactions. By observing nature and its greatness. By the sun rising and setting each day.
And how do you translate that into your personal spaces?
PRI try to find unique and meaningful pieces for my house versus having a specific or set style. I wouldn't say I like to walk into a space that looks too ethereal, perfect, or trendy. The provenance and history of objects and furniture are essential to me. Of course, I will have some new furniture and lamps purchased, but I like to mix them up with others. Such as Mexico City lagunila objects from when I lived there, friends' furniture prototypes or experiments, and vintage pieces.
Please tell us what you like to do besides work.
PRWhen I'm not traveling for work, I enjoy traveling for pleasure with my family. However, there are also many times when I turn on the hermit mode. In those days, I spent most of my time in my house and backyard with Rio and John. I like cooking, hosting friends for dinner, watching documentaries, and enjoying a slower pace.
And about light, how do you illuminate your spaces?
PRI try to rely as much as I can on low-light sources. Mostly floor and table lamps, and some light fixtures here and there in specific spaces that need it, but just making sure it's properly diffused and dimmed. I find it much more interesting to be able to play with different light sources in a room than to have just one light source illuminating the whole space. This way, the versatility is wider, and the lighting combinations can make you feel like you're in a completely different room.
How important is lighting for you? How do you perceive it and treat it?
PRLight is everything in photography, so it plays a huge role in my life. I pay a lot of attention to natural and artificial light since it sets the mood in a space and inspires me when deciding on a subject to photograph. But, on the other hand, bad light can make a beautiful space unattractive and the other way around.
And where can we find the Bicoca lamp in your personal spaces?
PRThe fact that it is portable makes you want to try it in many different spaces. I place the lamps like the Bicoca on more conventional surfaces like side tables or desks, but I will move and use them very quickly as floor lamps or outdoors. Candles from Cereria Subirà and the Marset lamps, both objects from Barcelona, lit my birthday backyard party in Los Angeles, which felt quite special and, in a way, made me feel closer to my hometown.
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