Restaurants with good lighting

Lighting a restaurant means taking into account many variables: beyond providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the lighting must define the space of each table, marking an area for conversations and enjoyment. In addition, the lighting must not be intrusive—it must be functional without interfering with the meal.

In the Oleoteca Ses Escoles restaurant in Mallorca, the portable FollowMe allows the light to move with the tables. In La Maruca, in Madrid, the Milana pendant accompanies diners without glare or obstruction.

Inspired by fishing boat lanterns, the Santorini’s design conveys the seafaring essence of La Voladora restaurant in Santander. A design intended for outdoors that works equally well indoors, its colors enrich the atmosphere and bring modernity to the space.

The essential design of the Ginger emits light by reflection, creating a subtle effect. In the Adobo restaurant, in Barcelona, the portable version allows the space to be illuminated with total freedom from cables, and with three levels of dimming for different moods and times of day.