by Jaume Ramírez , 2019

Moving the point of light, that’s the idea behind the new design by Jaume Ramírez. Milana involves a system of modular suspension lamps that combine with one another and can be moved both vertically and horizontally.

Paradoxically, this new design starts by deconstructing the archetype of a lamp; by synthesizing it as much as possible, only a cylindrical body remains, suspended with a built-in LED. To this cylinder we can add different conical shades in oyster white and black in several sizes. But most ingenious of all is that each of these lamps can have a simple counterweight such that when they are hung between two points, they can be moved.

An almost imperceptible lens covers the LED and distributes the light. If only the cylindrical lamp is used, the downward-directed light is impeccable, and when a shade is added, the light escapes, illuminating the lamp itself. This new lighting system gives the user control of the light, offering a new conceptual proposal.

Furthermore, the Milana collection is now also available with a pressed glass accessory, in a smoked finish. A feature that adds volume and nuance to your lighting. This version is 24 V-ready, a technical detail that allows several lamp units to be connected to a single light source. With the pressed glass version of Milana, light sets can be created to illuminate large spaces.

Covering and baring lamps, moving them up, down and sideways. Mixing cylindrical shapes or combining them with decorative lamps. Milana lets you create countless compositions, a symphony of light.

A cluster accessory is also available for the Milana collection, allowing you to connect several pendant lamps at once to a single point of light. This offers the freedom to build with light, to illuminate large spaces and to create compositions.