Assembly of Light

Designer of Fris, Joan Gaspar shared with us his vision for Fris, focusing on simplicity, versatility, and a superior quality. Joan delves into the inspiration behind Fris and the intricate process of achieving its versatile functionality. The lamp’s ability to adapt to various settings and applications reflects Joan’s pursuit of simplicity and the highest quality of light perception.

Joan, as a creative and designer, what is your design philosophy?

I consistently strive for utmost simplicity, aiming to achieve the most optimal perception. I hold a deep fascination for the ingenious aspects of a project, valuing this quality in both my own designs and those created by others.

Joan, could you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest lamp design, Fris?

Fris is a unique line of light,  an illumination system with an adjustable light feature that sets it apart from other designs. Its light is adjustable – an aspect that allows a multitude of applications – and indirect, so Fris provides a quality illumination, very pleasant and non-aggressive. Fris is covered by a transparent glass tube that not only adds shine and is decorative, but also forms part of the system for directing the light, it is an indispensable part for everything to work mechanically.

How has the journey and process personally been for you behind the creation of Fris?

The initial idea was always clear, and always the same, but certainly there has been a long work of simplification and care of the light. We have also worked hard to make it a lighting system with which you can compose and build with light, as if it were another architectural element.

Could you share with us the versatility behind Fris as a lighting system?

It works as a suspension light, applied to walls both vertically and horizontally, it can be placed in continuity and make angles and straight lines without limit, and it also has a version with a more technical light composed of cells that avoid glare, an indispensable aspect for use in offices, for example.

What message or emotions would you like the public to experience when they see Fris?

Simplicity, versatility, beauty and excellent value perception.

What does Fris bring to the design world that sets it apart from other lighting solutions?

I think about the material and how you can not only direct the light, but also its compositional system, and how it can be applied.

Joan, when designing Fris, what spaces did you think of it for?

Fris is thought to be used from interior spaces, both offices or stores, as residential spaces, can be placed from the mirror of a bathroom, vertically or horizontally, illuminating bookshelves, or shelves of stores, bathing a wall or ceiling … as a whole, to fill architectural spaces creating geometric shapes adapted to the space.