by Joan Gaspar , 2023

Drawing thin beams of light in a space with each one of them pointing in any direction. This is why we have created Fris, a multi-purpose lighting system, available in a wall/ceiling or pendant version, which allows you to combine several units in different sizes and positions, each one aiming its own beam of light.

Its design consists of a glass tube that encases the light. What makes it unique is that the glass not only protects the light, but also provides a mechanical function, suspending the whole system and allowing the lamp to rotate and the light to be steered in a certain direction. As a result, the glass is both material and function. Through the transparent glass we see the lamp’s interior, which consists of two profiles: one includes the light source and the other acts as a parabola, projecting a crisp, intense light.

This system makes it possible to compose light structures and to join a set of lamps by means of different assembly and hanging accessories. In the pendant version, each Fris unit is supported by a strap, so that several can be placed horizontally, in line, one on top of the other, or perpendicularly, creating intersections of light. They can also function separately as an individual lamp. The other version can be fixed to the ceiling or wall. The pendant version is available in three lengths of 80, 155 cm and 215 cm and the version for ceiling or wall comes in another three lenghts 80, 155, and 215 cm. There is also a more technical version where the light is distributed in cells with independent lenses, achieving a UGR of under 19.

Fris offers a very versatile and functional design for precise lighting of any type of project. An ingenious system that boldly tackles a previously unresolved issue: to have a set of lamps where each one directs the light individually.