Ambrosia wins the iF Design Award

The Ambrosia lighting system-designed by the studio Ciszak Dalmas– has won the iF DESIGN AWARD, an international accolade for design excellence held every year in Hannover, Germany.

Ambrosia was recognized for its differentiation, an innovative design that takes the traditional linestra bulb and updates it to demonstrate that technical and practical lighting can also be poetic. A range of lighting converted into a modular system capable of being extended to adapt to any space. It also won acclaim for its shape: its tubular structure with soft lines, available in different sizes, blends in with the architecture and enhances it, illuminating it with a warm glow.

Ambrosia is available in 4 predefined lengths ranging from 120 cm to 315 cm, to which extensions of 40 and 60 cm can be added to set the desired lighting height. This allows the light to be hung higher or lower down from the ceiling, creating compositions without visual interruptions. It can be surface-mounted by means of a trim included with the driver, or simply concealed and recessed. In addition, this year the collection has been expanded to include new vertical versions.

The iF DESIGN AWARD encompasses 9 disciplines that include 78 categories. In this edition, 11,000 products from 56 countries were submitted, and the jury –made up of 133 experts in the design sector– selected Ambrosia in the lighting category.


In the words of its own designers –Andrea Caruso Ciszak and Alberto Gobbino Dalmas– “Designing Ambrosia was different: everything was played around a simple, minimal line, geometrically speaking, a segment of light”.