by Yabu Pushelberg , 2023

For designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, design is about telling stories. This is certainly true in their new Konoha model, a twin-function wall lamp that tells us what types of lighting we need around us and offers all the right possibilities to make them happen. Out of curiosity and analysis, the designers have taken a number of variables into account, especially those linked to our emotions; light is arguably the most intimate element in an environment, so its design must be thoughtful, functional and purposeful.

The Yabu Pushelberg design studio, which is world-renowned for its many hospitality projects, believes that hotel room lighting is often redundant. Every room needs direct and ambient light, which is why they have chosen to include both functions in a single design.

The result is a simple, discreet wall lamp with a shade over a directed spotlight that turns through 360°. The shade, like a hat, covers the spotlight, allowing the light to be directed upwards, bounce off the inside and project a beam of soft light, creating warm ambient lighting. If instead the spotlight is focused downwards, it projects a beam of direct light, turning the fixture into a reading lamp. The Konoha design is available in a range of colours, with neutral and organic shades that fit seamlessly into any space. It can be used as a reading lamp in waiting rooms, bedrooms or hotels. Or it can be a point of light in walkways, a wall lamp in restaurants or a way to bring ambient lighting to hotel entrances.

Konoha invites users to interact with its light and use it throughout the day, harnessing its two, or even more, functions.