Dipping Light

by Jordi Canudas , 2019

Beyond its function as a lamp, Dipping Light seeks to excite. When it’s on, its varying shades of paint sift and filter the light, creating a magical effect in its surroundings. When off, the colorful glass sphere is a simple object of beautiful aesthetics.

Dipping Light was born as an experiment – dipping a lit light bulb into paint several times – that turned into a lamp. The result is multiple layers of paint that draw concentric circles and trap the light, softening its intensity. The paint becomes a screen, colouring the light and giving it texture. This artisanal process makes each lamp unique and exclusive.

As a wall light, this design comes in two different versions, one offering lighting horizontally, and the other vertically. The finish of the base also comes in a choice of brushed  brass or graphite.