Visible by day and night with Joan Gaspar

As Marset’s Head of Design, Joan Gaspar seeks to bring a gentle light by night. His designs coexist with the environment and natural light.

“Conceptually, we maintain our principles of design and matter, giving relevance to these spaces, both day and night, as is already the case with our proposals for interior lighting.”


MWhy did Marset decide to take a step into the garden and design outdoor lamps?

J.GWe want our product philosophy to be close to these outdoor spaces, closer to landscaping, but in the end our products are part of a whole. We believe that it would be best not to treat interior lighting separately from exterior lighting, at least in terms of the basic principles: this is our intention, to influence the whole.

MDo you think Marset can bring something innovative to outdoor spaces?

J.GWe don’t seek to make architecture with light, but rather to accompany and enhance ar- chitecture without wanting to change its physiognomy. Conceptually, we maintain our principles of design and matter, giving prominence to these spaces, both day and night, as is already the case with our interior line. At Marset, we aim to create a mimicry of objects that seek a relevance that goes beyond the light they emit.

MHow do you think outdoor lighting should relate to nature and architecture?

J.GLighting should not be invasive, it should complement the environment. It should transmit beauty, whether on or off, with the aim to accompany and seduce the user. In the end, we all seek for a balance in where you would like to live.

MWhat value do you think the new collection can bring to an interior designer, lighting designer or landscaper?

J.GWe’ve sought a “collection” concept with numerous different styles of lamps derived from the same family which can illuminate everything from entrances to façades to porches. Our objective is versatility while maintaining continuity of form.

MAbout your new designs, what led you to create a garage lamp like the Chispa?

J.GChispa was born from a meeting with the new brand of the automotive sector, CUPRA, which was looking to surround itself with com- plementary sectors besides its own. CUPRA’s values are very similar to ours: both brands are from Barcelona, both have a global vocation and both share a commitment to design. This was the starting point to design this new portable lamp, which takes us back to the garage.