The hidden light with Josep Lluís Xuclà

Roads are intermediate places that connect us with our destination. Designer Josep Lluís Xuclà, seeks to beautify these pathways between interior and exterior through the versatility of the Elipse.

“Since it is somehow “hidden” and comes out magically, it surprises the user, and this is precisely what can give it the most value.”


MWhat type of innovation does the Elipse bring?

J.XApart from being an outdoor lamp with an upward-focused light, it’s also a design object in its own right, formally relevant during the day and giving off a special lighting effect at night.

MWhat is the relationship between the Elipse and natural light in its context?

J.XThe outdoor lighting should always be used in a delicate manner so that it does not interfere with the general vision of the exterior, allowing the light to be absorbed gently by the outdoor space. In the case of the Elipse, I imagine it arranged between the house and the garden, always working closely with people, providing something more than simple illumination.

MDo you think that the Elipse has a balance between its form and its function?

J.XI think the form and function dichotomy is fundamental in giving meaning to a product. With the Elipse, it is special in that one works in favor of the other. And in this case it’s maybe a bit more exaggerated than in others, because the shape is highly characteristic and stands out during the day.

MRegarding the mechanism of the Elipse, it works almost imperceptibly. Was this an intentional decision?

J.XMy philosophy is always to create a light that has a magical contribution, in which you don’t know exactly where the light comes from. Since the light is somehow “hidden” it can sur- prise the user, and that is precisely what adds the most value.