Marset: new showroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

After more than a decade in Manhattan, the substantial growth of Barcelona-based lighting brand Marset has finally necessitated the move to a larger space. As such, this November we’re proud to announce the opening of our brand-new Brooklyn showroom, right in the heart of Williamsburg! This new showroom has been planned as a flexible work area intended for interaction, reflection, and creativity. It continues the Marset’s missions of taking care of light, providing high-quality modern, decorative lighting with a warm, Mediterranean twist.

Designed by the architect Stefano Colli, the new 2,150-square-foot showroom combines functionality with aesthetics, with an office space on a mezzanine level above the main showroom floor, a sizeable outdoor terrace for entertaining, and numerous lounge and meeting areas. Marset’s lighting brings comfort and warmth to the space, which is lit by our entire collection, from the oversized pendants in the double-height entryway to the unique outdoor collection on the patio.

Envisioned as a collaborative design hub, this new space pairs designs from some of Barcelona’s young, up-and-coming talents alongside the work of well-known industrial designers. Custom furniture by Isaac Piñeiro, ceramic stands from Xavi Mañosa of Apparatu (designer of classic Marset fixtures Pleat Box and Scotch Club), armchairs from Jaume Ramírez (designer of Marset’s Milana and Copernica collections), and a mix of side tables by both Max Enrich and Júlia Esqué are grouped into seating areas with Nani Marquina rugs, all of which is lit by Marset’s diverse and playful collection.

The large and inviting terrace showcases Marset’s growing outdoor collection and provides an exterior space for relaxation and enjoyment.

As a place for creativity and collaboration, the new showroom embodies the core Marset values—design, quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, and authenticity—and joins the other Marset showrooms in Barcelona, Milan, Cologne, and Mexico City.

202 North 10th Street
Unit 1
Brooklyn, NY 11211