by Joan Gaspar , 2024

The new Caramel collection surprises with its material beauty, as though it were an illuminated sculpture. This new wall lamp by Joan Gaspar uses glass of a clearly decorative nature to create a circular form that envelops the light. A design that gives full prominence to the aesthetics of this hard, shiny material: when illuminated, it pulsates with life, and when turned off, it creates a graphic play on the wall.

Caramel emits diffused, soft, and warm reflecting light. Its diffuser hides the light source so that the object gains volume and simplicity, and projects light directly against the wall. The translucent glass shade retains part of the light emitted and is illuminated from the inside, revealing the beauty of the material.

Placed in a straight line or grouped, this collection allows you to create light compositions on the wall. An accessory lets you join two or three lamps to a single point of light, mixing sizes, in monochrome tones or in different finishes, in linear or atomic manner. Like a mural, these compositions provide an artistic discourse that enhances the space with strong, colourful lighting. You can also use them individually.

This collection is available in three diameter sizes – 22, 28 and 38 cm – and in white, green, cobalt blue and terracotta brown.

A lamp with two purposes, to illuminate and decorate, which asserts its sculptural role to bring design and clarity to the space.