by Ramírez i Carrillo , 2017

When moving the Copérnica lamp, you feel the sensation of weightlessness. As if levitating, its weight is barely noticeable. It moves through space precisely, with no friction or resistance.

Circles, semicircles, tubes, and bars of different diameters, materials, and weights…with the combination of these primary elements the Copérnica collection constructs geometric sculptures of light, establishing an intimate relationship with space and combining functionality with the beauty of pure lines.

This collection consists of a table and floor lamp, as well as a separate torchier-style floor lamp, all of which use mixed materials of different densities, such as aluminum and steel, to create a unique counterweight system. This structure affords great precision when moving the lamp, reaching different heights and distances to adjust the position and direction of the light beam.

Copérnica draws minimalist sculptures in the space as if it were a canvas, and is offered in different finish combinations with subtle chromatic pairings.