Dipping Light

by Jordi Canudas , 2019

The history of the Dipping Light has only just begun. Marset wasn’t willing to settle for just the two table lamp sizes it has come in so far. Its most poetic light expands its uses and is now offered as a portable lamp, suspension lamp, wall lamp and a new table lamp size –ø8 inches– to bridge the gap between the small and large sizes. The colors are the same, with an expanded model line-up.

Each Dipping glass is created individually, with it’s own character and unique signature. While pieces will be similar, they are not intended to “match”, and this is a deliberate component of the product design. In monochrome installations the subtle variation between each shade creates visual interest preventing a sense of repetition. This artisanal process involved makes each lamp unique and exclusive. After that, a brass o graphite base is added for support.

The new portable Dipping Light relies on a battery to forego the cable. It has a switch at the base and, like the other Marset portable lamps, features a dimmer to set the light output at one of three intensities. Small but important changes to make it completely mobile. It can also be purchased with a metal base so the lamp can be set atop a table.