Dipping Light

by Jordi Canudas , 2019

The Dipping Light is more than just a lamp; it inspires emotions. On it is mesmerizing: its different shades of paint filter the light creating a magical ambience. Off it transforms into a multi-coloured glass sphere, with a strong aesthetic impact.

The Dipping Light started out as an experiment – dipping a switched-on light bulb in paint several times – but it became a lamp. The result is layers of colour painted in concentric circles which trap the light, attenuating its intensity. The paint acts as a shade, colouring the light and giving it texture.

Each Dipping glass is created individually, with it’s own character and unique signature. While pieces will be similar, they are not intended to “match”, and this is a deliberate component of the product design. In monochrome installations the subtle variation between each shade creates visual interest preventing a sense of repetition. This artisanal process involved makes each lamp unique and exclusive.

The pendant version of the Dipping Light sheds all unnecessary elements and retains only what is essential: colour takes centre stage. When using several lamps to make a composition, the visual effect is mesmerising. It is available in four different diameters: 5, 8 and 12 inches, and a new diameter of 15,7 inches. The cluster accessory enables several pendant lamps to be connected at the same time in a single point of light. This offers the freedom to build with light, to illuminate large spaces or to create compositions.