Tam Tam

by Fabien Dumas , 2011

With the Tam Tam collection, Fabien Dumas shows us his knack for innovation: bringing together various lamps in one and allowing each to send light in any direction. The design features a central light source, to which various satellite lamps -between 3 and 5- can be added to project light from any angle.

Imaginative and playful, Tam Tam is dynamic in its configuration and expressive in its colors. The extensive collection, which comes in pendant, wall and floor lamps, has harnessed color since its inception to create volume and accentuate spaces. A decade later, the collection is getting an update to offer new possibilities. The glossy finishes have become semi-matte and new, softer colors have been added, including blue-grey and khaki for the central lamp and silver-grey and olive yellow for the satellite lamps. The combination of colors is what harmonises the whole.

Besides colour and texture, Tam Tam has also evolved to offer the possibility of including more powerful light sources.

New ideas to expand the collection, new colours to create a fresh look, new varieties to offer users maximum flexibility, and new options to improve the quality of light. The Tam Tam is moving forward in every way possible.