To hold and play

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To hold and play

Alexander Kilian

Alexander Kilian lives and works as a still life and fashion photographer in Berlin. His photographic work is characterized by the precise combination of captured structures and colors captured together with the playful use of light and shadows. His photographs are always highly composed and ordered, but still contain the feeling of a snapshot. Therefore, the FollowMe colors perfectly matched her vision to create a reinterpretation of the lamp and its light.

“I was immediately fascinated by the design and ergonomics of the FollowMe colors. However, I didn’t want the handles just for hands, instead I wanted to play around with them and their possibilities. Furthermore, I found the idea to let the lamp fight against my lighting equipment and colored gels. This way the lamp could create its very own lighting mood.”

Alexander Killian

FollowMe colors with its simple, airy lines, tilting shade and variable light intensity has become a beautiful and practical lamp. A lamp to take anywhere, a personal object that provides light and warmth.

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