by Christophe Mathieu , 2023

Subtle without going as far as minimalism, the new Palosanto collection lamp is an extremely flexible, versatile solution for direct illumination outdoors. Available as a wall lamp and also as a bollard in three heights: 30, 60 and 90 cm. The 30- and 60-cm lamps include one spotlight, while the taller version can have one or two. In every version, the spotlight can be placed at the chosen height along the stem. This enables the position of the light to adapt to the growth of surrounding vegetation.

As well as providing illumination, each spotlight also gives protection and reflection: a honeycomb grille captures peripheral light and prevents glare, while at the same time part of the light emitted is reflected and released through the back of the lamp, gently illuminating the body of the diffuser. This creates an interplay of lights to form a decorative halo, echoing the warmth of the interior light. In addition, the spotlights on this bollard lamp can be rotated manually by up to 360 degrees, while the cable remains fully visible, an aesthetic detail that provides the freedom to decide on the desired height and direction of the light. The angle of opening of each spotlight is 32 degrees, and the colour temperature is 2700 K.

For Christophe Mathieu, the design process consists first and foremost of observing and creating an object with wide-ranging possibilities that will be timeless in its use. That was his thinking behind this new bollard lamp, which can use its light to accentuate the outdoors, reveal architectural details, light a path or spotlight a tree. His new design is compact, flexible, and hard-wearing, even in tough climatic conditions. It is the epitome of simplicity, easy to install, and can be integrated into any landscaping project, whether residential or contract. Palosanto also offers a range of filters to soften the light, dim it towards the shadow, and adjust it to the surroundings. This leads to greater control over the lighting it can provide. What more could you ask for?