Project: Carme Pardo arquitectura Interiors, stylish by Susana Ocaña and photography by Eugeni Pons

Almières Retreat is on an exceptional UNESCO World Heritage site, in Lozère, one of the most sparsely populated areas in Europe. The extensive restoration of this former farmhouse preserved as much of the original architecture as possible, while putting it to new uses. A space that blends into the surrounding landscape, incorporating local natural materials and building its image through the beauty of simplicity. The Carme Pardo architectural firm wanted to add a contemporary touch to the place and chose Cala for its impeccable lighting and because it is made of wood, a natural, long-lasting material that adds tactile quality. They also used Funiculí  for its iconic design and essential shape, and the Jaima because they wanted an outdoor lamp with a fabric rather than rigid shade, with natural shapes and colours resembling the stone of the building.