by Lluís Porqueras , 2018

Funiculí is one of Marset’s most emblematic lamps. Its design has been around a long time, and yet its style remains current and functional. 

Heir to the original Funiculí, this version comes with a cloth shade, a design that Lluís Porqueras already conceived in 1979, but which was never produced. This new design honors the original as much as possible, and only the proportions have beeen updated. In comparison with the original Funiculi, the shade of the Funiculi Fabric unlocks the light, allowing it to filter through and better illuminate your space.

Both the original Funiculi and the Funiculi Fabric share a similar structure for setting the desired height of the lamp arm, allowing for direct or indirect light. The essence of both lamps is their simplicity, though this design is more apparent and classic. This collection is available in floor, table and wall versions, and its fabric shade is offered in beige or White, with a structure in black.