Néon de Luz marks an inflexion point in the conventional fluorescent systems as it abandons the coldness that distinguishes fluorescent lighting by adding chrome to a transparent polycarbonate structure.

It is made of a high efficiency fluorescent T5 tube enclosed in a polycarbonate conduit with subtle lit coloured strips and a polycarbonate film which gives the light and product a much finer quality.

As a novelty, a new version is presented with an inner aluminium reflector available with LED technology or high efficient fluorescence T5.

Neón de Luz is a very versatile lamp, highly recommendable for places that require continuous lighting due to its low consumption. It can be used as a wall lamp or as a hanging lamp. The wall version is available in four sizes (NLA) depending on the length and wattage of the fluorescence tube, or in double version (2-A) with three sizes.