A new ambience

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A new ambience

A project of Salva López with the Dipping Light collection
Interviewed by Marta Campabadal

Barcelona based photographer Salva López experiments with new territories in his artistry. Fleeing his
typical philosophy of natural beauty, he creates an abstract methacrylate set for the iconic Dipping Light
by Jordi Canudas. The lamp series has now expanded to include a set of portable and suspendable
designs – stripped down versions where the essential color becomes the absolute protagonist. Drawn
to these new features, Salva explores different atmospheres and aesthetics. He creates an ambience
where the color is dominant and the curved surface of the spheres is balanced out by the textured
panels. His series embraces the lamp’s double capacity – beautiful as an object, while at the same time
creating external beauty through its light.

“The objects I like most are lamps. They have the double capacity of being beautiful
as an object and at the same time being able to create beauty around them with their light”.

Salva López
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