by Joan Gaspar , 2016

Wood is a great ally of cozy lighting. It is a material that is hard to mold, a challenge that the LED-Ginger collection neatly resolves. The combination of sheets of wood, paper and resins pressed together under high pressure achieves a laminate that appears almost entirely flat, which discreetly lights up spaces with indirect light.

The LED-Ginger collection was born of wood, that great ally of cozy lighting. Sheets of wood, paper, and resins, compacted at high pressure, yielded a warm and intimate lamp. The LED-Ginger’s sleek, understated appearance and robust reflected light made it an immediate favorite. With the introduction of new metal shades, in black, white, or brushed brass finish, the Ginger offers the same warm, glare-free light to help emphasize your spaces. These metal shades offer a more refined option that is almost sculptural in its appearance.

The extensive LED-Ginger collection numerous sizes of pendant, table (including the portable version), floor, and wall lamps, as well as a flush-mount version that can combined together in clusters of 2 to 3 fixtures, connected via an accessory to a single outlet box.

In addition to white, the interior of the diffuser is available in oak, wenge and brushed brass finishes, yielding different hues of light. The LED-Ginger is an aesthetic, almost artistic design that offers a great visual effect in any finish.