by Joan Gaspar , 2020

The Ginger collection is moving outdoors, with wall sconces that can be installed individually or in a cluster, a new 6 inches sconce —perfect for passageways and small outdoor areas—, a lamppost and small floor lamps. The Ginger outdoor also introduces a unique rust finish, with a deep, warm glow, alongside the standard black-white metal finish of the indoor version.

This year, to light walkways, a new screen version can be affixed to the wall, projecting a restrained downward light that avoids glare and illuminates only the path.

The collection also features new bollard lamps, raised by means of a post that can be buried in dirt or gravel, perfect for illuminating pathways, gardens, terraces, and walls, and blending nicely with vegetation.

The lamppost—at almost 9.9 feet high—is a design of function, a centrepiece of our new outdoor collection, on sober black, which discreetly illuminates your garden or the entryway to your outdoor space.

The entire Ginger collection emits indirect light by means of reflection; light that is soft, discreet and never blinds. They can be installed outside and provide different solutions to aptly illuminate any space.