by Joan Gaspar , 2015

Wood is an old ally of cozy lighting. It is a material  that is hard to mold, a challenge that the LED-Ginger collection neatly resolves. The combination of sheets of wood and paper  pressed together under high pressure achieves a laminate that appears almost entirely flat, which discreetly lights up spaces  with indirect light.

With its original orientation and suspension system, the shade of this floor version hangs from a structure that replaces the ceiling. The stem and suspension system allows the shade to extend forward and back, as well as side to side. In addition, the carbon arm can be titled in two ways, depending on the position. This version of the Ginger floor lamp is a substantial and versatile fixture that retains a light footprint and a subtle physical presence, providing excellent illumination without overwhelming your space. This design is available in two sizes, for a perfect fit regardless of the space.