by Joan Gaspar , 2016

A simple household item kickstarted the design process of the Aura wall lamp. This decorative lamp, which provides outstanding light while turn on but stands out beautifully while off as well, was inspired by the traditional glass carafe, a mainstay of households the world over.

The Aura follows an emotional design, because of what glass means in the collective memory, as well as a rational and contemporary design because it draws on LED technology to achieve efficiency and subtlety. The opalescent, transparent, or coloured glass of its lampshade allows the light to bathe the wall and creates a luminous effect without harshness, while also generating a point of interest in the space.

Aura comes in two sizes – 7″ and 10″ in diameter – to provide lighting solutions for smaller or larger spaces. This light and forceful wall lamp should be in ideal proportion to the interior that it has to illuminate, and the proportion always depends on the scale.