by Christophe Mathieu , 2008

If there is one iconic design in the Marset collection, it is the Discocó: exuberant, even when switched off, the richness of the light emitted by this lamp provides direct downward illumination as well as a dramatic surrounding interplay of light and shadow. Its detailed study of indirect light adds nuance and also depth. Further reflections dance off the chrome-covered sphere at the core, to which the discs are attached.

When switched off, the Discocó is a stunning object that catches the eye and fills the space. Available in white, grey, beige and gold black in 5 different sizes and also in an oak wood finish, a high-quality material that provides unmatched quality and comfort. Using wood and making it light without conveying apparent or real weight is a challenge and for this reason this version is only available in pendant format, with a diameter of 27 inches. In this wooden edition, the interior metal structure comes in a graphite nickel finish.

All versions of the Discocó provide an exceptionally cosy light.