Light you can almost taste

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Light you can almost taste

Hebe Konditori for Bolita

Sarah Hardy is the artist behind Hebe Konditori. A food artist and stylist based in London, she studied sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and, after graduating, applied her skills to creating cakes in any flavour or shape. For this collaboration she creates a surreal look and feel of the Bolita table lamp.

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How would you define your style?
HKI would describe my aesthetic as being playful with a sense of the surreal. I enjoy creating intricate pieces that look decadent to the point that you almost don't want to eat them.
What concept did you want to present in your proposal?
HKLove the organic, soft form of the Bolita table lamp. I wanted to highlight the materiality of the lamp. I replicated the glass of light by coating the cake in a thin layer of hard candy. I was looking to crack the cake like glass when cut into.
What was your inspiration for this proposal? Did you take into account any kind of references?
HKI was inspired by facsimile works of art by Peter Fischli & David Weiss. I am also inspired by the current trend for "is it cake" videos. I love the surreal nature of cutting into everyday objects to find out they're not what they seem.
What does the Bolita evoke, and how are you taking it to the scenario you are proposing
HKI really love working with new materials, so it was a challenge to replicate the glass texture over a cake. I love the contrast of this against the soft cake inside.
Is there any feature of the Bolita that stands out for you?
HKI love the interactiveness of Bolita’s light. Being able to dim the light with a gentle touch is very satisfying.
Working with light is essential for any artist. What role has played in this collaboration?
HKLight is very important in everything I make, but it is hard to get into something like a cake normally. I love how the hard candy has managed to reflect some light into the piece.

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