by Joan Gaspar , 2019

A good design is one that endures. So it is with Plaff-on!, a lamp that has been illuminating walls and ceilings for almost ten years. Its hand-blown white glass diffuser appears to float, detaching from the ceiling and the circumference that surrounds it, and its light filters upward to create a luminous halo. It exudes simplicity and it’s very useful, so much so that there was a striking need to have this kind of lamp for exteriors as well. The Plaff-on! outdoor collection offer the same features as the indoor version but suitable for wet locations, making it perfect for bathrooms as well.

With the idea of expanding possibilities for the outdoors, the Plaff-on! collection comes in two new sizes —13 and 20 inches in diameter —. Furthermore, the smallest version can be fitted with a signage accessory atop the shade if necessary.

Indoors, outdoors, with or without signage, the Plaff-on! now offers multiple options in one lamp that can now conquer the outdoors as well.