Ledtube Mini

by Daniel López , 2019

Ledtube has long been one of the most functional products in the Marset collection: a powerful yet focused reading light, whose source provides excellent illumination and direction without disturbing your bedmate. Glare-free and able to be aimed in any direction, it’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile that it blends into the surface—a light that takes up no space.

The Ledtube Mini fills a size gap in the lineup, with the same design in a smaller and more compact frame that adheres to the proportions of the original. This change of scale offers the same benefits of the original, but in a smaller size. All versions of the Ledtube feature a honeycomb grille that catches peripheral light in all directions and eliminates glare.

Available in four finishes – matte black, matte white, aluminium, and bronze – the Ledtube exudes the rigour of a well-designed and highly functional product, and addresses a glaring need in luxury contract projects.

Two sizes, two versions, various finishes, multiple uses—the Ledtube is the original best reading light.