The Bicoca and Jaima win the Design Plus Award

The Bicoca portable lamp by Christophe Mathieu and the Jaima outdoor floor lamp by Joan Gaspar, both introduced by Marset in 2017, have just received the 2018 Design Plus award, promoted by Light + Building.
The jury chose the Jaima and Bicoca with special consideration for the concepts of their designs, their extraordinary quality, and their technical and ecological innovation. The Design Plus is an international recognition to the highest quality lighting design.

The Bicoca is a portable, rechargeable, lightweight, colorful, low-energy lamp
that projects an intimate light, bringing warmth to any personal space.
With the Jaima collection, light is the shade and weaver of emotions. Using the language of textiles,
the designer tries not only to give form but also to shape the light—through the methods of
dressmaking—using a flexible, ductile material that gently sifts the light.

The Design Plus prizes are organized by the Frankfurt-based trade fair together with the German Design Council. The awards support Light + Building, one of the year’s most important lighting fairs, and are granted only to exhibitors, students, and recent graduates. A total of 222 products were presented for the 2018 awards, of which 39 were selected to be exhibited at the fair itself between March 18 and 23.