Unfolding light with PerezOchando

The designers behind The W, Pedro Ochando and Claudia Pérez do not see function as an accessory but rely on the form to be directly linked to function. In designs like The W, its structure allows for vertical movement with a horizontal effect. An updated chandelier adaptable to any large space.

In 2014 they founded PerezOchando, a studio that combines these two different profiles to take on creative projects that span all areas of design. Since then, they have been looking for one thing: to use design to improve everyone’s life.

What is design for you? What is your philosophy?

For us, design is a tool that allows us to improve our environment. We like a discreet, careful design that, above all, responds to a real need. Our philosophy is based on offering companies what we believe they need but always thinking about the people who will see it.

Tell us about The W. Why was this lamp born?

On the one hand, we had the idea of making a lamp that could be adapted to the size of tables of different diameters. But, on the other hand, we saw a very old object, a winder, and we realized we could use its structure and movement to create the design and function of The W.

What was the process like?

The process has been quite long, the longest we have done so far with a design, but it has been exciting, enriching and easy because of the means Marset has put at our disposal.

Could you tell us about its shape?

The shape structure of The W is given by its use. As for the spotlights, they refer to the extremely simplified chandelier that we wanted to create.

What would you like customers to think when they see the lamp?

We would like it to be a beautiful object when turned off, and when it is turned on, we would like the light it provides to be pleasant. So, in the end, it is an adjustable pendant lamp.

What does The W bring to the world of design?

It brings an updated chandelier and a luminaire adaptable to different table sizes and with a very current aesthetic that could work timelessly.