The future of lighting – with Andrea Caruso

Marset x Metropolis Magazine – A Conversation with Andrea Caruso Dalmas 

In case you missed it, our Brooklyn showroom was host to a special conversation between Avinash Rajagopal, Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis Magazine, and Andrea Caruso Dalmas, of design studio Ciszak Dalmas.

The conversation, which hinged on the design of the popular Ambrosia light fixture, touched on the genesis of the fixture, the process of industrial ideation and design, and the future of the collection. Javier Marset and Deiane Abajos weighed in on Marset’s collaborative approach to working with designers, as well as the technical and engineering aspects of bringing a rigorous and well-made product to market in the US and internationally.

A special thank-you to Metropolis Magazine for making this event a reality, and to Andrea Caruso Dalmas for opening up about his design process.

If you’re interested in being part of the next design conversation, don’t hesitate to contact us!