Ambrosia wins the Gold Delta Award

The Ambrosia lighting system -designed by Ciszak Dalmas– has just received the      2022 Gold Delta Award granted by the ADI FAD Industrial Design Association.

A design that recovers the traditional linestra light to update it and demonstrate that technical and resolutive lighting can also be poetic. This is the starting point for Ambrosia, initially a line of light that becomes a modular system capable of being extended to adapt to any space.

The jury compossed by Sabine Marcelis, Alexandra Riga, Clara Guasch, Aleix Ingles and Aurelie Tu has selected the Ambrosia “because it is a timeless, honest design, balanced in proportions and flexible as a system. With few pieces and minimal resources, it achieves the maximum expression of light.”

The Delta Awards -dedicated to industrial design professionals and companies- seek to promote innovative products that provide concern for the environment and sustainability, and that are an example of design and manufacturing quality. This year they celebrate their 41st international edition and have awarded 7 Gold Delta and 14 Silver Delta awards with a trophy designed by Studio Inma Bermúdez in collaboration with the Roca bathroom products company. An award consolidated as one of the main recognitions in the field of industrial design in Spain.

The winning products will become part of the exhibition “The Best Design of the Year” that can be visited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona until August 28