by Joan Gaspar , 2017

The Djembé collection is designed for repetition, creating musical compositions of light on the ceiling. A bell-shaped ceiling fixture with an exposed interior, Djembé is available in a numerous sizes and bright, airy colors that can be used individually or combined to create a brilliant statement piece.

Using a rotomolding technique allowed the designer, Joan Gaspar, to design a fixture with vastly different interiors and exteriors: its outside recalls the texture of a stone, giving off a perception of great weight, emphasized by its volume. In the spacious interior you’ll find a smooth, white space perfect for the reflection of light. Djembé is a lamp designed for use in public spaces that seeks to bring beauty and an unbeatable quality of light.

Faced with the challenge of lighting very large spaces, the Djembé collection is growing in every sense of the word, with more sizes and formats. The new ceiling version is over 40 inches in diameter, but features the same finishes as the rest of the collection. It manages to illuminate using a skylight effect, with its inner white dome boosting the light to yield wonderful lighting. Its lighting performance fits perfectly in contract spaces with a design that is functional and fascinating.