by Joan Gaspar , 2023

The quality of a product’s design lies in whether or not it withstands the test of time. Plaff-on! has been illuminating indoor and outdoor ceilings and walls for more than a decade, and recently, thanks to a bollard version, gardens as well. A collection that is now expanding to include a new pendant version with a totally industrial vibe. Solid and compact, its -6.2 inches-wide structure, in black or rust brown, surrounds the glass diffuser.

A design that combines simplicity and functionality and which in this new pendant version comes with a garland accessory allowing different lamps to be joined to a single point of light. Finally, a neoprene cable ensures waterproofing with no deterioration. The new Plaff-on! projects the light directly downwards.
This highly effective collection continues to evolve and expand its applications, proving that a functional design is a lasting design.