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Tiberi is a bit like a bar. Or an agency. Or a gastronomic creative studio.

Their work aims to reinvent the act of eating and everything associated with it, awakening new sensations in an activity that’s as fundamental as it is revealing.


Using the visual to delight diners and inspire them to experiment, creating sensations through presentation, textures and light; the creatives have chosen Fragile to accompany their creations. Because Tiberi embodies the essence of this lamp: contrasts, a fusion of tradition and design.

Before we start, enlighten us a bit. What exactly is Tiberi - an agency, a bar? What's the idea behind the project?
TCThe Tiberi Club has been evolving since it was first set up and we still find it hard to define ourselves. We started out doing themed dinners for our friends and the project grew in such a way that we've ended up becoming a creative studio (Tiberi Club) where we carry out projects related to gastronomy, from events to art direction, as well as consultancy and content creation. And our passion for restaurants has recently led us to open our own premises (Tiberi Bar).
Who are the members of the team and what kind of backgrounds do you have?
TCTiberi's made up of Helena Fradera, Roger Vila, Rocío Iglesias and Miquel Ruiz and our backgrounds range from architecture to journalism, from design to theatre. But, above all, we're four friends who love to eat.
For anyone who doesn't know your work, can you tell us about a project that illustrates your vision?
TCWe always like to talk about the "Mantelbabero" or tablecloth-bib as one of the most genuine projects that best define the essence of what we are. In 2020 we got together with a group of friends at the Ebro Delta to celebrate a calçotada (a traditional meal with barbequed onions and a dipping sauce, at which the diners are given bibs). We improvised with some sheets, putting holes into the tablecloth so we could use it as a group bib. Tradition, play and design are some of the concepts that underpin our approach.
Do you have any artistic or design references that inspire you when you work?
TCAntoni Miralda is a great point of reference for us. We're inspired by his critical view expressed through gastronomy and art, always with a great sense of humour. We admire the work he does together with his team at FoodCultura; we believe it's a very important initiative that should be supported in the city of Barcelona.
What concepts or values does lighting share with gastronomy?
TCLight is synonymous with community. Since time immemorial humans have gathered around sources of light, such as fire. Electricity and the light bulb also revolutionised the way we socialise. It's in this sense that we believe lighting and gastronomy share a collective spirit, one of gathering together, that's of particular interest to us.
How can a lamp affect a dining experience?
TCLighting is key when it comes to dining. A good lighting design can highlight the food in relation to its surroundings and completely transform the space. In restaurants it's also a crucial component of the diner's experience. We designed the architectural project ourselves for the Tiberi Bar and it was one of the most important aspects. We were determined to create different ambiences and the lighting helped us to do this. We wanted to create an intimate, sexy atmosphere where people could flirt, with very concentrated light and lots of mirrors to exchange glances, and we think we achieved it.
Is light eaten or drunk - what does it taste like?
TCBecoming poetic for a moment, for us light is drunk rather than eaten. As it passes through translucent glassware, light brings the wine, cocktails or water it contains to life. Whether it's a good natural wine or a mezcal Paloma, like at the Tiberi Bar. Every sip becomes a drink of light and colour that fills you with energy.
What does Marset represent for you, and what interests you about this collaboration?
TCMarset is design and sophistication. On this occasion it has given us the opportunity to experiment between an object such as the Fragile lamp and the textures and materials of the food and everyday objects that are so present in our kitchens, such as a porron, some potatoes or a cauliflower. We believe that it's in this contrast, between design and tradition, where our identity as Tiberi emerges.
What kind of food does the Fragile lamp go well with, and what do you like about it?
TCBecause of how it plays with different transparent effects, it'd be perfect for a romantic dinner - and there's nothing better than some good cheese and a bottle of red wine for that.
Apart from the Tiberi Bar, where would you recommend for dinner in Barcelona?
TC035 El Xampanyet Monochrom L'Artesana in Poblenou
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