Purpose: to release prisoners

Purpose: get and hang a flag on a hotel

In the parking lot, talk with the two allies and get ready for a fierce battle with the Russian troops. After the battle, ask your assistants to cover you and quickly run to the left watchtower to clear the area. After that, call your friends and go to the ruined corner store, where you will find the next mission C4 (the store has an assault gun, treat them with attackers in the opposite direction). Go to the end of the store and circle the stairs to the right.

If you clear everything from the Russians, go to the upper right corner of the map to enter the next part of the board. In the building, repeat the same operation. On the second floor you will find a brother. Climb onto the roof and hang the flag on the mast. Oh, take care of a big Russian with a gun guarding the roof, because it can cause you a lot of trouble. And do not hesitate to hang the flag for too long, because reinforcements in the form of a helicopter landing can arrive at any time!

Fire Department

Goal: blow up the bridge

Purpose: get and hang a flag at the fire station

In the beginning, one very important point. As you probably noticed, a small armored truck rides along armored roads, a helicopter circulates in the air, and a freight train moves along the rails. None of these vehicles can be destroyed or stopped. Therefore, you must be very careful not to get hit or pierced like a sieve!

Talk to a friend in front of you. Right next to him in the garage you will meet two more people and a civilian. Go through the mechanic's workshop to the streets of the city. You will have two paths: left and straight. Before you go, sit at the site and smoke on the street. When you get there, follow your companions along the street that you cleared of Soviet troops, then turn left at the intersection. Going down the street, you will come across another barricade. I propose to climb into the ashes of a skyscraper and take the most dangerous sniper rifles.

Go down and go to the building with columns; on the left there is a staircase leading to the paths. Follow your footsteps with your allies until you reach the coveted bridge.

Put under it the plastic that you received in the previous mission, and then climb over the debris located on the right - I remind you to follow the train and the helicopter (on the right there is a channel where you can save the game)!

The next moment will not be easy, because the Soviets will be massive, well-armed and fortified. Follow the alleys until you see a building with columns. Hide under them and run straight all the time until you reach the open garage of the firehouse. Climb inside and climb the higher floors until you reach the roof, where you can hang the flag. You are very tired, aren't you? But from the very beginning you were told that this would not be an easy strategic point. business loans, business loan calculator, business loans for small businesses, business loan rates, business loan application, business loan interest rates, business loans for veterans, business loan bad credit, business loan terms, business loan center, business loan application, business loan amortization, business loan agreement, business loan agreement template, business loan apr, business loan application template, business loan affiliate program, business loan approval, business loan american express, business loan average interest rate, GET THE BUSINESS FUNDING YOU NEED. BUY UNLIMITED MONEY TRANSFER FROM RUSSIAN HACKERS. INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. OVER $10 MILLION business loan bad credit, business loan broker,