Check how to find out information about individual items and how to equip them with a hero.

Equipment management is one of the basic skills necessary for an effective game in Dark Souls 3. This is not a particularly difficult question, although novice players may have problems with some rules and options related to managing weapons and objects. Below you will find an illustrated guide that should explain any difficulties.

Let's start with the basics, that is, with the menu from which we can get the most important parameters related to the hero's equipment, controlled equipment, as well as various system settings. Particular attention should be paid to “Equipment” (here we select items for the hero) and “Equipment” (here we mainly look at them), because beginners often try to use some element using this second tab, as is the case in many other names.

From the main menu, we have quick access to individual options

1 - Equipment is the main tab in which we can change weapons, parts of armor, rings and objects used by him. It is here, and not how often it is confused in the inventory, that we can “tune” our hero.

2 - Equipment - this screen is not used to equip our character (from the "Equipment" tab), but to check all the items that the hero wears. This applies to weapons, as well as armor, rings and spells. From the equipment level you can use items (for example, to drink from an Estus bottle), but you cannot equip it with a hero.

3 - Status - allows you to instantly check all the statistics of our character. From the number of health and stamina points, to attack power, ending with a level of defense and absorption of various types of additional attacks (for example, from fire and ice).

4 - Message - the ability to create information for other players. Available only when playing online.

5 - System - various system settings. Here you can enable or disable, for example, aiming and aiming, adjust graphics, sound and network parameters, as well as change the key settings (tab "Control device" and the option "Key assignment").

6 - Toolbar - here you can store items that you want to have at hand, which do not fit or do not want them to be in the "Quick items" compartment. All you have to do is go to the menu, select the item assigned to the toolbar, and use it instead of searching. him all over the equipment.

The screen, which, as the name implies, is used to equip our hero with various types of weapons and items in our inventory.

However, the struggle is not only the main attacks, but it is also important to use other types of attacks. All the hits listed below are also worth a try after equipping a new weapon.

Attack on the run. Press the attack button (usually light) during the sprint, and you will attack with a punch slightly different from the punch when you walk and stand still.
Leap attack - a powerful blow. Press the strong attack button, at the same time push the analogue responsible for the movement (or press the W key if you are playing the keyboard). This is a very tempting process, during which you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of true bliss. Russian beauties are known for their stunning appearance. Look free live porn - pleasure for real men. Free registration gives you the opportunity to communicate with the most charming slutty girls. If you have not tried to communicate in this free sex video chat, then there is good news for you. There is no registration.