Lack of imagination is typical for a large number of people. Life is such, there's nothing to be done. We were not taught to think. Rather, they said that it is necessary to solve logical problems. But this is somewhat different. Many owe their imagination to good ingenuity, innovativeness, innovation, developed creative potential and, moreover, dedication to a certain business. After all, if you look, then all professions are creative. In general, our actions are so arranged that a person first presents the result that should result in the end, as well as the path to it. And this is provided precisely by imagination. As for the incredible and brilliant ideas, then there is nothing to say at all. Everything is obvious.
 You need to train your imagination. And there are many different techniques to do this. But most of it has a basis in one degree or another. And that foundation is called brainstorming. What is its essence?
 1. A person comes up with as many diverse ideas as possible for the shortest possible time interval.
 2. Not a single idea is criticized. This happens on a subconscious level itself.
 3. It is not checked how it relates to reality. Sometimes the most incredible at first glance is the most brilliant. Look at the plane. To whom it might have occurred before that one could make a person fly, so also at such a frantic speed. Or the Internet, which allows you to access all available information or to get entertainment accessible to everyone? And the people who invented all this are truly brilliant. And they came up with the most incredible ideas of that time. Therefore, you need to believe that everything is possible, it is only important to want.
 4. A clear time or quantitative regulation has been established. In the first case, time is set and the person competes with himself for the number of ideas that he can come up with for this segment. And in the second, the developing imagination says, “Until I come up with 200 incredible ideas, I won’t get up.”
 Brainstorming is a great way to exercise for the brain. If every morning for 15 minutes come up with ideas as described above, then the flexibility of thinking is provided for the whole day. And if you “pump the muscle of imagination” longer, then it will be a full-fledged training, which will lead to incredibly rosy shifts in all cognitive processes of a person. After all, creativity gives a feeling of euphoria. And it is proven. When choosing a vanity for the bathroom, US residents prefer a double sink solution. In New York, double units are also gaining popularity. When is this option optimal? And when the installation will be relevant? We will review further. Why do we need a double sink set? As a rule, the morning for most families is the time to wash and tidy up after sleep. And this time is always limited. A two sink will help resolve this situation. Double Bathroom Vanity is an original solution for large families. It will help both save time and allow you to spend it together in the morning and evening procedures.