Everyone likes to kill someone constantly in computer games. Apparently, most developers think so. What excuses and excuses do not come up with: finish them off, because they are zombies; the hero is fighting evil trying to enslave the world ... Remember the last ten projects that you went through, and you can give examples yourself. In Manhunt 2came up with another excuse, forcing the "hero" to engage in the extermination of opponents. Daniel Lamb is "sick in the head" and, guided by the second inner "I", makes terrible reprisals against enemies. Participation in a secret experiment was not in vain, and more than enough enemies thirsting for the blood of a former scientist. He was thrown into a nightmare insane asylum full of notorious villains and scum. But Daniel was not destined to rot in this nightmarish place or die at the hands of spiteful critics.

One night, not at all kind and far from ordinary, the cell door suddenly opened. Only the best online juegos friv games are presented on this mega portal. It is not clear where the friend who came from, who wants only good, begins to give strange advice. His evil voice broadcasts right in his head: “Tap on the wall, and the guard will come out to noise!” - Daniel performs. - Here, he turned away! Kill him! - Daniel does. - Great Dani, great! I want more, more !!!”

On October 29, 2007, Rockstar Games released the sequel to the “fiercest action” on the trinity of the most backward and low-power platforms - PS2, Wii and PSP. Two years later, Manhunt 2 was ported to personal computers. I was displeased to “enjoy” the console version, and now there are only a couple of questions. First: what qualitative changes were made in two years? Second: for whom did Rockstar Games port the game - for itself or for gamers?

Anyone familiar with Manhunt will get comfortable quickly by running the second part. Interface elements, features and mechanics are not far removed from the original. You still need to hide in dark corners, sneak up on the victims from the back (not to civilians, as in the seriesPostal , and to all sorts of scumbags, villains, killers and agents of a sinister corporation) and to deal with them with particular cruelty, classified as in a hurry, terrible and brutal. For the duration of the execution, the game takes control and launches a spectacular scripted scene, the content of which depends on how long the reprisal button was held and with what tool the “lucky man” is killed. In addition to piercing, cutting and striking items, the sequel adds the possibility of execution with firearms, however, the show in this scenario is not a variety of events.

Regardless of the severity of the execution, the victim who subjected it inevitably dies. Naturally, Daniel runs the risk of being spotted being in the rear of the victim or sneaking up on her. In this case, a quick reprisal will not work. Have to fight hand-to-hand, for other purposes, using household items and various sadistic gizmos.

The ward is very weak, and a meeting with two enemies in close combat most often ends sadly. And the beating is very primitive: the protagonist can deliver only three blows, after which he makes a short pause. And again, three blows, a pause, and so on in a circle, until the enemy "cuts the oak." The key to victory in hand-to-hand combat is not tactics, not cunning, but elementary luck.

For dessert, developers prepared executions using the environment. Such numbers are allowed to be performed only in certain places, which complicates the implementation by an order of magnitude compared to ordinary executions, but an exclusive scene of violence is shown as a reward. Tie the poor fellow to the chair and carve like a pig, hit the manhole cover and fold down, strangle the cord from the phone, hang it on a hook. What about pouring some gas from the canister, luring the adversary into a puddle and setting fire to it?

Opponents themselves rarely hang around at such places, their attention must be attracted by knocking on the wall or abandoned brick. Often there is nowhere to hide nearby, so you need to break a light bulb to create a dark area. The run up to the noise begins to peer into the shadow, and if you do not step aside, you will need to hold your breath through a simple mini-game. In the prefix version, it was required to press the required buttons on time. In the PC edition, for some reason, the QTE was removed and replaced by holding the cursor in a small circle "floating" in different directions. If everything is done correctly, the troubled person will be removed, if not, he will be thrown out of the secluded place.

The rest are murderers, similar to Manhunt, blind as kittens, and do not notice the hero, who is in a dark place, even a stone's throw away. In melee, everyone gathers around, looks expectantly, and only one attacks (a similar problem was in Gothic 3 ). But it is worth climbing over the barrier, as the pursuers lose all interest in the pursuit. The following incident is particularly distinguished in the collection of absurdities: if you release the reprisal button at the moment when the enemy unfolds and notices Daniel, the script is triggered and the video starts, in which the unsuspecting "client" is subjected to brutal reprisal.

Managing the actions of Daniel (in comparison with the console versions) has become much easier and more convenient. That's just to manage the review is allowed only horizontally. Because of this, you feel like a cripple: if on PS2 the inability to move the camera along the “Y” axis is normal, then on a PC this is just a nightmare. If you want to go up, the hand intuitively moves the mouse in this direction, but there is no result.

It would seem that convenient control is only a plus. But this was precisely the main mistake of the developers. Due to the difficult leadership of the hero, the prefix version was famous for its hardcore. Not everyone could master the very first level, not to mention the whole game. In the PC version, everything became extremely simple. Even on the “impossible” difficulty of Manhunt 2is too easy and simple. If you had to replay the situation several times before, now you can drive ahead. "Mouse and cat" with adversaries, brutal executions and cunning tactics are now out of fashion. Alas, this is the little that was really interesting in the series "Manhunter."

When the hero has a "trunk", the action turns into the most primitive "Run and Gun" (run and shoot), and hide and seek are sent directly to the bin. Developers purposely throw up a lot of the same type of bots acting according to the pattern. With such opponents, it does not even make sense to take refuge. If using the joystick to aim is quite difficult, then armed with a mouse, you can brazenly jump out and send enemies to the next world wholesale and retail.

The differences between the two difficulty levels end on a radar displaying the location of the villains and their status - from quiet to attacking. Nothing else changes. Locations sweep before the eyes with wind speed, and to pass Manhunt 2 is quite possible in just a few hours, while the consoles took much more time.

At one time, the console version of Manhunt 2 was subjected to terrible repressions. Censors of the American organization ESRB , setting age limits for games, having seen enough of bloody scenes, rated the product “Adults Only” (only for adults). This automatically put an end to the project, as Sony and Nintendo flatly refused to release the project on their consoles. Rockstar londonthere was no choice but to compromise and moderate the executions. In the version that hit the shelves, during executions the image was partially blurred and passed through black-and-white and red filters, which made it difficult to parse what was happening. In the PC edition, no one resisted the Adults Only rating, so the project came out in its original form. True, few people will surprise anyone with plastic cruelty and funny flying heads. But the faces of the unfortunate, not expressing any emotions, even with a particularly sophisticated dismemberment, - how else.

It is noteworthy that elementary murder with a knife in GTA 4 looks much more realistic and worse than most of the savagery of Manhunt 2 . Due to the development for PS2, PSP and Wii (a family console, say?), Nightmare technology was created, and as a result, on all platforms, what was happening looked primitive, and even “slowed down” in places. The authors tried to smooth out visual flaws in the same way as in Manhunt.by overlaying noise like the ones you see when watching analog TV. But it helped a little. In the version for the "personnel" added support for higher resolutions and ... that's it. Nobody even thought to replace the textures with better ones, so that nightmare pixels and lines at the joints of objects were not visible everywhere. One look at the back of a hero or enemies is enough to be horrified: when was the last time you could see such brutal models? Even videos performed on a graphic under-engine remained in a nightmarish resolution of 640x480. On an average 19-20-inch monitor, such screensavers cut the eye no worse than a peeled bulb.