1. At the ski resorts, something unexpected can always happen, for example, the descent of an avalanche. And the main characters of the film witnessed this. An ordinary vacation, a long-awaited trip to the Alps, children in anticipation of an unusual vacation, and their parents just wanted to take a break from everyday work. At first, everything went more than well - the family had fun, climbed to the highest point, moving down. The emotions were breathtaking, but subsequent events changed the general joyful mood. During breakfast on the veranda of the cafe, Abby, Thomas and their children ate quietly, enjoying the local beauties. Suddenly, an avalanche began to descend, which was supposedly controlled. All the people present panicked, as the snow flow did not stop, but, on the contrary, rushed at a tremendous speed. Everyone, of course, was scared, but most of all Thomas. He behaved completely inadequately, instead of sheltering or trying to save his children and his wife, he simply escaped, like a real coward. And although no one was hurt as a result, a trip to the Alps became an unforeseen force majeure for this family, as Thomas Abby's low deed simply could not understand.

2. In the center of events are a novice director and a person who has been released from prison. Heroes dream of fame, popularity, recognition and big money. But how to achieve this? They decide that they need to make a realistic horror film that will cause genuine interest in the audience. Then they will gain everything they dreamed about. Since the film should be realistic, then there should not be staged scenes in it, everything should happen in reality. The guys chose several people who were supposed to be their victims. They intimidated people and shot everything on camera, believing that this would bring them success. But once everything got out of hand, one of the "actors" died. The creators of the film were only at first confused by this situation, and then they were delighted, because the real death in the frame would look much better than the simulated bullying of the victims. The heroes became mad at their idea, in the pursuit of fame, they were ready to kill people. The main thing is that the viewer should appreciate their “masterpiece”, and the rest does not matter. But someone must curb the two loonies and put them in their place. The hour of reckoning is near, a new scary movie begins with the participation of a former convict and his partner, who considers himself a director. upfanz.com/ buy instagram followers