Humanity is on the verge of war and destruction. The machines that created the Matrix are getting closer and closer to Zion, the last city populated by real people. An attack plan implies total destruction. Upon learning of this, the command orders all ships to return to Zion to protect its inhabitants. And only Morpheus resists the order. He is sure that there is another way. And the key to peace is Neo. Morpheus decides to visit Pythia to find out what fate awaits him and what to do. The Pythia tells Neo that there is a certain Key Master who knows something very important. And it can help change the future and the present. <br />
<br />
But the trouble is that the Key Masters are held hostage by a very powerful program. She gathered around herself hundreds of thugs who are ready to fight to the end, but to fulfill any order of her master. And this is not the only problem. In the wake of Morpheus and Neo are new agents - faster and stronger. And besides, a new character has appeared in the Matrix. More precisely, this is an old agent Smith. But he was reprogrammed after Neo destroyed him. And now Smith has superpowers. He is able to clone any person and turn him into his copy. So at some point Neo will be opposed by an army of Smiths agents. <br />