Each person has his own boundary of personal space. The preservation of these boundaries is controlled by the brain. That is why, when communicating with each other, people withstand a certain distance. Once in the crowd, the boundaries are violated, the brain sends a person signals about the threat. These signals provoke fear, panic, aggression, which are very difficult to control for an unprepared person.
This leads to the fact that rational thinking is turned off and instinctive behavior is triggered. It is expressed in the fact that any information very quickly spreads within the crowd and is taken for the absolute truth, is not subject to comprehension. This information causes stress, makes you behave hostilely and can cause massive hallucinations.
How can an unprepared person survive in a crowd?
It is necessary to identify oneself and not become “we”. For this, it is necessary to repeat the characteristics that distinguish a particular person from the rest: name, year of birth, color of eyes, hair, height, etc.
Do not go against the crowd, it will cause discontent and even assault. You can only get out by moving tangentially or diagonally.
Sight to direct through the crowd. Do not look people in the eyes, it is better to look just below the face, with a mandatory inspection on both sides to see the whole space.
Keep clear of walls, shop windows, mirrors. In order not to be pressed to something, you should not approach vertical surfaces.
Get rid of excess clothing items. There should not be anything long, free, metal. All accessories must be removed from the neck so as not to be choked in the event of a fall.
Protect the chest. It is necessary to group, and close the chest with his hands, fists bent at the elbows up.
Young children should be in the arms of adults.
When a group of people gathers in a heap, an individual person loses his personality and becomes “infected” with the mood of this heap. Primitive instincts aimed at defense, battle, and survival awaken in a person. The intellectual level is approaching zero, the ability to evaluate and comprehend information is also lost. In addition, the sense of responsibility and fear of punishment completely disappears.
Thus, the crowd is a threat to the individual. The threat is both physical and psychological. Therefore, before deciding to participate in rallies, demonstrations and other similar events, it is necessary to think very carefully about the consequences. And even more so you should not take small children to such events. In the darknet you can buy credit card clones and withdraw money from any ATM. This method of earning is widely used from the United States. It is illegal.