Whether you're trying to stream new versions like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or just surfing online, you can do so much with an Apple iPad. The one catch? These popular tablets are almost never on sale. But now you can buy the latest model, the Apple iPad 2019, which has been reduced to the lowest price ever.

For a limited time, you can get the best tablet we've ever put on sale for almost $ 80-100 off the usual Best Buy price (you can get it at Amazon for the same price, but it won't Fall will be in stock by July 10th). That said, instead of paying $ 329.99 to $ 429.99, you can purchase this beauty between $ 249.99 and just under $ 330 depending on the store you choose, which is the lowest price we've ever seen.

This offer applies to the 10.2-inch version, which is equipped with an integrated 128 gigabyte GB. Our reviewers thought that this particular version was the perfect "base tablet" and should have a significantly higher price for performance.

Selling an Apple product is very rare, especially a brand new iPad.

According to our internal team of experts, the model with 128 GB 2019 even outperformed the "fancier" (read: more expensive) iPad Air 3 in terms of speed and overall functionality. It comes with an ultra-crisp retina display that ensures images stay sharp and vivid, making them great for streaming. This tablet is also characterized by the fact that, unlike previous iPad models, it comes with iPadOS. For everyday use, you will feel this change the most when you use the keyboard, since iPadOS supports finger swiping and can be resized and positioned to allow one-handed typing. It also works with Apple's Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, which until recently only worked with Apple's expensive Pro tablets.

We think the 2019 model is a great investment at the original price, but it is an absolute must on sale. However, this device is quickly sold out (the Space Gray version is not available on Amazon until June 28).