Young Talents x Marset

The tranquility of the past


Photographer Yosigo finds his calling in retrospective, a state where his camera captures his surroundings, the geometry, the colors and the light through a nostalgic lens. The story of MVV
by the late Manuel Valls Vergés begins in the 70s. The lamp transmits a certain tranquility and austerity,a contemplation of the past. In this series, Yosigo disturbs the lamp as little as possible, instead he focuses on the architecture of the object, disassembling its pieces to create a moment of nostalgia and serenity.

“In the photos I’m trying to disturb the object as little as possible, trying to go with that moderate concept that accompanies the light”.

Marset Young Talents

Photographer Yosigo lives and works in your heart (also in Barcelona).

He travels around developing personal projects and comissions for different brands and clients.

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